Easter Sunday isn’t going to look the same this year. No community egg hunts. No packed Easter church services. No big family gatherings.

Is it okay to just acknowledge that for a minute and be disappointed? Yes.

So how do we make the best out of an unfortunate situation? Outlined below are some out-of-the-box ideas to make this very different Easter memorable and fun. 

Pick a Name Dressing Game

Easter is traditionally a day where everyone dresses up in their “Sunday best” and take a badillion family pictures. Since we all have a bit more time this year, let’s change things up. Everyone’s name goes in a hat and each person draws one name. That person gets to choose the entire outfit of whose name they drew. If you’re feeling brave, let them decide on a hairstyle and/or makeup too (if applicable of course). The most important thing is that you all have fun as a family… and post your pictures online so everyone can enjoy them too. 

Hide-and-Go Egg Hunt

This egg hunt is for everyone! Make adjustments as necessary to work for your household.

  1. Give everyone an egg of some kind (we recommend an egg coloring page for maximum hideability and fun!). 
  2. Gather everyone into the same room. One at a time, allow each person to hide their egg somewhere in the house while the rest of the players close their eyes, cover their ears, and count to 60 out loud. Repeat this process with each player until all eggs are hidden. 
  3. In the same order, one at a time each person gets 60 seconds to try to find someone else’s egg. This goes on until all eggs are found. The winner is the person who’s egg is found last!

Attend Church When You Can’t Attend Church

Easter Sunday is one of the most popular days on the calendar for people to GO TO church. Even if they don’t go regularly, Easter services are a tradition for many. Most church buildings are closed this year, but many churches are conducting services online, a few are having tailgate services in their parking lot, and others are doing drive-up services. If you have a church you usually go to, check their website for information on how they’re doing Easter services this year.

Hop on the Phone

Easter is a time for getting together with those dear to you. It is all about connecting with those relationships that are meaningful. If you have family and friends you can’t be with this weekend, set up a time to call them. There are many ways to connect from 6 feet (or more) apart. If you want to reach one person at a time, you can always call, text, or FaceTime. But if you want to get the whole family together, try Zoom or Microsoft Teams – even Skype is a viable option! And don’t stop there. Use this holiday as a time to encourage as many people as possible. On your own or as a family, reach out to people you may not have talked to in a while and let them know you care.

The First Stress-free Holiday Dinner Ever

You have probably had lots of family meals during quarantine. Make Easter dinner a stress-free event this year. Have everyone pick 2-3 items they want included on the menu. Everyone helps make the meal, and everyone is happy eating the meal. Or, members of the family could create a dinner show like this teen does for his family.

Have a fun idea of your own? Share your thoughts and plans in the comments below!

Copyright 2020 K. Jason & Jaelyn Krafsky

Here from the egg hunt? The answer is… 23 eggs!

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