As we transition into the cold of winter, homeowners and renters alike can take precautions to protect their families from a holiday disaster. Below are some tips to minimize fire hazards and keep your family, pets, and property safe.

Strings of Light Will Easily Ignite

Whether your lights have stayed up year-round or have been packed away for the last 11 months, there’s a chance that there has been some damage to your holiday strands. Before you begin decorating, make sure to take a few minutes to check for frayed wires and broken plugs.

Don't overdo it with your outlets

While it may be more convenient to plug all of your holiday lights together, it’s easy to overload your electrical outlet. Which would create a huge fire hazard! Be conscious of how many electrical decorations you are trying to place on each fuse. (And if you use an extension cord, be sure to get a surge protector!)

candles = fire

Candles are a fantastic way to make your home feel extra cozy on a winter day. However, even if it’s only for a minute, you should never leave burning candles unattended. Especially if you have curious pets in the house!

Water the giant plant in your living room

Make sure your live Christmas trees are sufficiently watered, and check the stand daily for dehydration. Dry trees can ignite easily and burn quickly.

Clean Santa’s entryway

Creosote is a type of soot that can quickly build up in fireplaces. Due to the damage creosote can do when allowed to build up, we suggest having your chimney checked by a professional once a year, preferably before Santa is scheduled to climb down.

Why are there so many ways to start a fire?

This one may seem obvious, but keep any space heaters away from anything flammable. This includes beds, curtains, trees, paper, trees, presents, trees… Also, don’t place a heater by your tree. Better to grab a blanket if you’re cold than to put your home at risk.

Checking your batteries... checking them twice

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors may seem annoying when they’re beeping at you, but they are there for a reason! After all the flaming GIFs in this article, keeping up with a few batteries is worth the peace of mind.

Fire safety to give you and your home a chance

Grease, overcooked food, food crumbs… have we mentioned that there are a lot of things that can catch fire in your home? Having a fire extinguisher on hand, and a supplemental extinguisher specifically formulated for grease fires, can keep possible fire damage to a minimum.

When you can't handle the flames

Have an escape plan for your family – including your pets! If you have small children, you can even make it a game to practice your family fire drill. And of course, make sure that every able person in your household knows how to dial 911 in case of a fire or other emergency.

YourHomeLyfe wishes you and your family a happy and safe holiday season!

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