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Home is where life happens, and life is all about relationships!

As real estate agents, Jason and Kelli Krafsky have talked to hundreds of people about their real estate needs. As relationship educators for over 20 years, Jason and Kelli heard from these same people the common stress points that created challenging issues for couples and families. Listening to story after story from prospective home buyers and sellers, they discovered a common need.  Everyone could benefit from the blend of sound real estate advice and practical helps for their relationships throughout the real estate process.

YourHomeLyfe.com is your go-to site to finding the right home and making it a place where life can be fully experienced and relationships can thrive. Packed with articles, tools, and resources, YourHomeLyfe.com focuses on three main areas … your HOME…your LIFE…and your HOMELIFE!
your HOME: A home comes in different shapes and sizes. But finding a place you can call home can be extremely difficult. YourHomeLyfe.com empowers home buyers, home sellers, and homeowners with tips and helps to make your place you (and others) love to call home!
your LIFE: Your life matters and makes a profound impact on others you share a home and neighborhood with. YourHomeLyfe.com focuses on helping you make healthy improvements with you body, soul, and mind.
your HOMELIFE: In the end, it’s all about relationships! It’s why you have a home. It’s why you live your best life. YourHomeLyfe.com offers tips and insights to help your most important relationships thrive and flourish.